NPJournoGuide: #newspayload – Private messaging apps now the primary way of sharing news; payload matters more than platform

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Private messaging
Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg hawking private messaging

Thanks to… issues with trust, and wider problems with trolling, mental health and more, people are increasingly turning to private messaging apps. The top messaging apps – WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, QQ and Skype – have nearly 5 billion monthly active users between them, which is more than the big social networks have worldwide… Facebook Messenger is currently the most popular way to share publisher’s links with 82% of people using it, followed by WhatsApp at 56%, according to a study from GlobalWebIndex.

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Payloads pay. Platforms peter. The news payload matters more than the delivery vehicle. What journalism reaches people, and what impact it has when it does, is inevitably more important than how it reaches them. Platforms become fluid and eventually irrelevant — as seen in the shifts from traditional media to search engines to social networks and now to private messaging as people’s primary source of contact for news.

Fashion news as a payload, which implies impact and effect, as well as its need for but not necessarily limitation by a delivery platform. Calling it content gives it a much more passive, subordinate and ineffectual status, like cargo on a transport. #JournalismIsNotCargo

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