Bluetooth mobile app brings news & a new journalism to media-dark villages in India

4 February 2020 // AUTHOR: // CATEGORY: Source // No Comments

The first option allows users to record stories, the second option to hear stories, the third option lists stories they can share to earn money and the fourth option lets them share the app with others through Bluetooth. Top right indicates the money they have earned.

“I discussed this experiment with a group of students in the social journalism program at the City University of New York,” says Devansh Mehta, Director of Research Activities at CGnet Swara. “They asked whether I consider what we did as journalism. From the traditional lens, viewing a journalist as a content creator, it’s probably not. However, the students disagreed, as they believe that journalism delivers information to communities using any and every tool at our disposal.”

Read the full piece at International Journalists’ Network

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