Google coder finds multilingual Wikipedia edits a good indicator of major breaking news, adds auto-photo-galleries

The process of automatically spotting breaking news events is relatively straightforward. It is based on the idea that if something important is happening now, Wikipedia editors working in different languages will update the relevant pages at the same time. Wikipedia and its sister site Wikidata publish all edits using the Wikimedia IRC server. This allows

Pew’s 6 media trends: jobs concentration, no sustainability yet, social/mobile drive, news video, TV sales, Hispanics

Thirty of the largest digital-only news organizations account for about 3,000 jobs and one area of investment is global coverage. So far, the impact of new money flowing into the industry may be more about fostering new ways of reporting and reaching audience than about building a new, sustainable revenue structure. Social and mobile developments

The new wall between editorial and advertising: Brand journalists precluded from newsroom jobs by some publishers

Many newsrooms won’t permit writers on the editorial payroll to write sponsored content for their sales counterparts, and vice versa. Gawker and The Wall Street Journal, for instance, won’t permit writers on the editorial payroll to write sponsored content. Condé Nast’s Wired draws a clearer line in the sand in using freelancers for its Amplifi native ad division.

‘Newsroom 3.1′ at Trinity Mirror has everything produced for digital, then print newspaper put together from that

Now, journalists, editors and all other “content creators” will focus “100 per cent on digital” rather than splitting attention between online and print as deadlines loom, said Neil Benson, editorial director of Trinity Mirror Regionals. “Everyone who creates content does so for digital and then a team of experienced, high-quality people who really know print